Dr. Wolfram Klüber

Rechtsanwalt, Wirtschaftsprüfer
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 Accounting audits - Tax service - Legal aid service - Business administration consultig - Accounting Payroll office service
In the section of accounting audits I offer:  
Hubertusallee 47
14193 Berlin (Grunewald)

Tel.: +49 30 8935071
Fax: +49 30 8935066


» Duty-audits for corporations and limited liability
  » Inspection of the annual balances of the
administration unions and similar puplic
companies according to the national
law regulations
» Duty-audits for co-operative associations   » Inspection of the annual balances
seperated into:
» Audits according to § 53 of budget principle law
    - Puplic service enterprise
» Voluntary audits     - Functional companies / Economic enterprise
» Audits on foundation and consolidation of
    - Administrations of an estate
» Misappropriation inspection      
» Audits according to the Accounting Directives Laws   » Audits of puplic service enterprises, employment
companies and development societies
» Duty-audits according to the Accounting Directives Laws   » Inspection of accounting of development contracts
with the labour office and other sponsors
» Economic research      
» Check of prospectuses      


Tax consulting

As a service I offer: a comprehensive consultation for questions of tax, tax aspects of real estate
transactions and land acquisation, consultation for finacial matters, consultation for participation and
the consultation to the tax liability of foreign comanies, corporate planning and investment budgeting
from the point of view of the commercial and fiscal laws

Corresponding to the respective demands I offer:

» consulting for tax conceptions   » Consultation in questions of tax treatment of puplic service enterprises with
regard to:
» balance sheets, profit calculation
and calculation of loss
    - Duty-order §§ 51 to 68
» addition and background report     - Corporation tax laws § 5 no. 9
» calculation of profits according
to § 4 clause 3 EStG
    - Creation of the corresponding tax return forms
» surplus calculation, e.g. regarding
to tetting and lease of land
  » Consultation of administration unions and similar puplic enterprises:
» common tax return    


Consultation in fiscal matters; especially in questions of sales tax with
regard to not controllable sales figures /puplic fee) and other turnovers
» cooperation in external audits   » Consultation of agricultural companies:
        - Controlling of the regulation of bank agreements of withdrawals with regard
to old credits
        - Controlling of the obligation of payment according to the agreements of
        - Creation of the tax return forms


Legal consultation

In the section of general legal advising I offer:

» Consulting within the scope of
external audits
  » Consultation within the corporate planning and tax
» Representation in the courts of fiscal law
up to the Federal Finance Courts
  » Company law consultation
» Representation within the scope of tax
fraud selection
  » Consultation in the fields of foreign law and double taxation
» Representation in the case of tax penalties   » Inheritance tax consulting service including the
entrepreneurial succession planning
» General representation in affairs of
commercial and civil law within the running
» Conception for contracts    
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